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Corporate Values

Commitment & Loyalty

We will value commitment and loyalty as vital and integral to our operations. We will encourage and support our staff to achieve highest professional delivery standards, ensuring customer satisfaction whilst maintaining quality of service. Through loyalty we will build trust within the organization and the communities we serve.

Continual Improvement & Innovation

We are committed to excellence in every sense. We will constantly strive towards generating new ideas, encourage creativity in others and creative approaches to problem solving. We will continuously work towards improving our services and re-engineering our processes to increase efficiencies, quality and effectiveness to achieve our goals.

Ethical Practice

We will be honest, ethical and reliable in all our dealings. We will identify the levers that promote ethical conduct and appropriately recognize and reward them. We will maintain confidentiality, honour all relationships, commitments and practice transparency in all our dealings thereby safeguarding the interests of our customers, employees and all other stakeholders at all times.

Partners in Progress

We will collaborate and be transparent with all our employees, customers and community at large to achieve common goal of ensuring success and create a win-win relationship.

Result orientation

We will create a culture of setting and achieving business results and consistently complying with quality standards and timeliness, whereby everyone is accountable together as a team. We shall always remain focused and display an optimistic “can-do” approach in new and diverse situations and take effective actions to overcome any obstacles.

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Rhenus Logistics India (P) Limited
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Complex, Bandra (E),
Mumbai- 400051 , India
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E-Mail : corporate@in.rhenus.com